The conquest of space is a giant step for mankind. The future is here, and Mars is close at hand. We are on the verge of great change, which is both frightening and inspiring.
We decided to make a branding concept for space flights to Mars, but to make it in a way that no one has done before.
On the logo you can see a minimalistic portrait, the face depicted in which symbolizes the new interplanetary civilization. The basic elements are embedded within the shape: Earth is a blue circle, Mars is a red circle, the lines connecting them are the communication between the planets and the trajectory of the flights, and the bottom arc is a smile that automatically evokes positive emotions. Positive and technological — that is how we want to see the future of humanity.
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Branding is intended to create a bright and positive image of spaceflight, so the face in the logo looks friendly. We are for not being afraid of changes and innovations, but moving forward with enthusiasm and ambition.
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